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Getting Ahead: Mathematics 4 pk.


Getting Ahead: Mathematics 4 pk.


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Ages 7-10, Grades 2-4. Textbook math concepts come to life visually and will be grasped quickly and easily by students. Parents and students will refer to this four-disc set again and again. Imaginative stories, vivid 3-D animation, clever rhymes, catchy songs, and memorable characters will help second- to fourth-graders develop math comprehension, improve problem-solving skills, increase recall for better quiz and test scores, and gain confidence in their schoolwork. Getting Ahead is a powerful learning tool created by nationally renowned New Dimension Media, a leading provider of classroom media content to more than 100,000 K-12 schools for more than a quarter of a century. DVD 1: Numbers and Basic Shapes - With these programs, students will better be able to visualize basic math concepts, making them understandable and more easily recalled. Key Content Includes: Number Names; Ordering Whole Numbers; Three-Digit Numbers; Counting by Tens; Counting By Hundreds; Fractions; Equivalent Fractions; Units of Time; Symmetry; and Directions and Angles. DVD 2: Problem Solving - Solving problems is easy when these programs show students how to use math skills in every-day assignments. Key Content Includes: Time Tables for 2, 5, and 10; Addition to 15; Addition and Subtraction by 20; Division is Grouping; Multiplying and Dividing = Opposites; Problem Solving-Distances; Problem Solving-Time Lines; Problem Solving-Word Puzzles; Problem Solving-Tables; and Problem Solving-Bar Charts. DVD 3: Estimating and Measuring - Harder concepts become easier to understand with this engaging and involving visual presentation of estimating and measuring problems. Key Content Includes: Approximation and Rounding; Math Symbols; Estimation and Rounding; Decimals and Fractions; Decimals and Equivalent Fractions; Metric Measurement; Metric Weights; Problem Solving-Proportions; 2D and 3D Shapes; and Creating 3D Shapes. DVD 4: Advanced Math Concepts - Visual reinforcement gives students the confidence to tackle more advanced math problems. Key Content Includes: Pictograms; Bar Charts; Mental Addition with 2 Digits; Mental Subtraction with 2 Digits; Mental Addition with 3 Digits; Mental Subtraction with 3 Digits; Remainders after Dividing; Time-A.M.,P.M., 24-Hour Digital; Problem Solving-Number Sequences; Problem Solving-Using Coordinates.

Getting Ahead: Mathematics 4 pk.

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